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    Cataract - Frequently Asked Questions

    Over the last 20 years, cataract surgery has evolved to be one of the safest and most reliable methods to restore vision. BVA Advanced Eye Care offers the best surgeons in Oklahoma and creates a complication rate that is much lower than the national average.You may have questions about cataract surgery - please read through these frequently asked questions to help answer some questions you may have! Also, feel free to contact BVA at www.bva20-20.com/contactIs Cataract surgery my only option?With...  Read More...

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    What Is Lasik? - BVA Advanced Eye Care

    In recent years Lasik seems to be advertised more than any other surgery. Overall Lasik is very popular, the AAO stated around 28 million Lasik procedures have been completed worldwide. However, what exactly is Lasik? BVA Advanced Eye Care offers Lasik, and overall is our second top procedure (cataract being number 1).   Read More...

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    What are cataract lens implants?- BVA Advanced Eye Care

    Have you been diagnosed with cataracts? or know someone who has? If so, you may be learning about cataracts - the causes, symptoms, and how a cataract is treated.   Read More...

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    5 natural lifestyle changes to care for your eyes - BVA Advanced Eye Care

    Reviewed By: Larry Henry, O.D., F.A.A.O. BVA Advanced Eye Care makes creating Better Vision Ahead their priority. Our eyes are very complex and need regular eye exams to ensure they are working to their full potential. Visiting your optometrist for annual eye exams, and following these 5 natural life style changes can keep your vision sharp and eyes healthy. 1.   Read More...

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    Is PRK better than Lasik? - BVA Advanced Eye Care

    Reviewed by Dr. Larry Henry, O.D., F.A.A.O. Both PRK and Lasik create very similar outcomes, however, there are disadvantages and advantages to both surgeries.   Read More...

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    4 Home Remedies to Stop Dry Eyes - BVA Advanced Eye Care

    Dry eyes are caused by the lack of lubrication and moisture in the eye. Symptoms of dry eyes include eye irritation, inflammation, and even scarring of the front eye surface.Dry eyes can be successfully managed through home remedies, artificial tears, or surgery. Controlling your dry eyes will result in greater eye comfort and sometimes sharper vision.   Read More...

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