Better Experience

BVA doctors and surgeons provide expert care for refractive disorders, conditions of the aging eye including cataract, eyelid reconstruction, glaucoma, corneal disease, and conditions related to diabetes and high blood pressure. Our surgical staff have performed more than 75,000 procedures.

Better Service

We work in partnership with medical professionals statewide so you can receive the best in advanced eye care close to home. In fact, more than 400 of Oklahoma's eye doctors refer their patients to the experienced doctors of BVA, which is the largest cataract practice in the state.

Better Locations

Serving more than 40 office & surgery locations across Oklahoma, BVA doctors and staff bring state-of-the-art eye surgery services to the communities of patients and their referring doctors who need it.

Better Reputation

BVA doctors are recognized as experts among their peers, and are frequent speakers and trainers at regional and national optometry and ophthalmology meetings.




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